We conduct national surveys on household food security with comprehensive TOR. In addition, in the overall phase, we provide technical assistance and advice


We provide monitoring and evaluation services with standard monitoring, evaluation and learning services (MEL). In order to move forward superior, we collaboratively train to determine flexible steps


Capacity-building of social and biological researchers in specialized techniques, methodology and explanations of mathematical and econometric analysis with changing study & improvement circumstances and modern knowledge


In its scope, our RS&GIS unit is exceptionally expanded from enterprise needs evaluation, geo-spatial data processing, transformation & digitization, venture Geodatabase architecture, web GIS enhancement, spatial analysis and capacity building


Within the agribusiness segment, we work to optimise the benefits of farmers. With optimal cropping designs that can ensure that accessible resources are used productively


To promote national environmental protection and usual asset management efforts, we provide high-quality advisory services. Our environmental work seeks to advance livelihoods on an economic basis under changing climate conditions by promoting climate change adaptation and catastrophe risk management


We carry out project planning, concept and execution, tracking, evaluation and impact evaluations that are specifically applicable to everyday developmental needs. Our services cover a broad variety of initiatives, ranging from the design and management of large-scale social sector assessments, policy and structural research, to the strategy, design and assessment of multi-sectoral growth projects and numerous training programmes

Testing Services

Through State of the Art Laboratory Facilities By
PATCO, NARC, Islamabad

  • SSR Markers- based DNA fingerprinting of Crop Varieties
  • Soil / Water Analysis
  • Plant Sample Analysis
  • Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers Analysis
  • Irrigation and Water Analysis Services
  • Animal Feed Analysis Services
  • Dairy Products Testing
  • Cereals Proximate Analysis
  • Cereals General Chromatography
  • Grain Quality
  • Flour Quality
  • Wheat & Maize Grain Chemical Analysis
  • Rice Chemical Analysis
  • Rice Physical Analysis
  • Ketchup, Jam, Jellies, Squashes Analysis
  • Physiochemical Analysis
  • Syrups Physiochemical Analysis
  • Food Contaminants-Mycotoxins (Aflatoxins)
  • Food Contaminants -Heavy Metals
  • Microbiology of Food
  • Pathogen Testing
  • Honey Analysis
  • Plant Virology Testing Services
  • Pesticides Residues Tests
  • Germination & Analytical Testing Services